2018 was the year in which one of the most acclaimed international musicians Roby Lakatos created this foundation with a view to mentoring talented young musicians. Professional musicians played an important role in following him throughout his career, therefore as someone who was personally inspired not only as a violinist, the significance of helping forthcoming musical talents develop and accomplish goals, in his eyes became even greater.

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Roby Lakatos was born in Budapest in 1965, becoming the seventh generation of a noble gypsy family of musicians after his violinist father János Bihari. His musical upbringing was due to his talented father

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who began teaching him at a young age, which resulted in him already playing in Sándor Jároka’s ensemble by the age of fourteen.

In 1984 he was invited to Belgium on a three month contract with his first ensemble, where he achieved one success after another. A few years later a restaurant and music club, ”Les Ateliers de la Grand Ile” formally contracted him. He formed his unique style during his twelve years there which was an amalgamation of classical music, gypsy music and jazz.

The club’s clientele was often enriched by famous representatives of the international music world. In this way during his time in Brussels, Roby Lakatos had the opportunity to meet world famous musicians of the likes of Yehudi Menuhin, Stephane Grappelli, Zubin Mehta, Esa-Pekka Salonen vagy Makszim Vengerov.

After his time in Belgium a New York based management office, Columbia started organising more significant concerts for the Hungarian violinist. It was at this time when he attained international acclaim. He performed worldwide and his recordings gained popularity to an audience with refined taste in music.  The greatest number of albums were sold in Asia, and he received his first gold record in HongKong. After demonstrative speech example essay
his performance with Vadim Repin in Munich, deutch Grammophon offered the two artists a contract. Till this time they had already released three records.



During the past decade he has worked with renowned classical and jazz artists such as Makszim Vengerov, Repin whom we have already mentioned, Randy Brecker, Giora Feidman, Herbie Hancock, Michel Camilo, Helmut Lotti, Macy Gray, Zubin Mehta, Fischer Iván, Nigel Kennedy, as well as Rhoda Scott. Furthermore in December 2015 he performed with Dr. L Subramaniammal during his tour of India.

His records are released by both Deutsche Grammophon and Universal Music. The double album, titled “A La Passion” was recorded live from Sydney opera house, Vivaldi’s four seasons c. was recorded in a new style and was accompanied by the Brussels chamber orchestra.

The Queen of Belgium’s competition commentator has been his commentator for many years. Adding to his resume, he has been requested on numerous occasions to be a judge for a Moscow based television talent show.



Pianino Teacher

Laura Csík

1965. November 21-én születtem Miskolcon. Ot éves koromban kezdtem zongorázni . Tanárom Teoke Marianne volt a Mártírok útjai zeneiskolaban . 1978-ban felvetelt nyertem a Bartók Béla zeneművészeti szakközépiskolába. 17 éves koromban korkedvezmennyel felvettek a Liszt Ferenc Zeneművészeti Főiskolára . Tanáraim voltak : Kocsis Zoltán es Zempléni Kornél . Díjak : 1979 Békés -tarhosi országos zongoraverseny 1 . díj es Kadosa Pál különdíj . 1983: Ki Mit Tud 1. Díj , 1983. Földes Andor mesterkurzusan neki legjobban tetsző diáknak járó díj , 1985. Varsó Nemzetközi Chopin zongoraverseny Diploma , 1988. Montreal Nemzetközi zongoraverseny 5. helyezett. 1989. Liszt Ferenc Zeneművészeti Főiskolán megrendezett Dohnányi zongoraverseny : 1 .1989, Saint Jean de Luze Maurice Ravel Akadémián megrendezett Ravel zongoraverseny 1. Díj , 1991. Juventus díj d’Arc et Senans (Franciaorszag) 1993. Nemzetkozi európai zenei díj ( Zurich) Koncerteztem Indiaban, Franciaorszagban, Olaszorszagban, Svajcban, Canadaban,1992. Sevilla Expo, Del- Koreában , Japanban es Németországban . Felléptem Franz- Paul Deckkerrel, Gilbert Kalishel, Kocsis Zoltannal, Bryden Thompsonnal, Marcello Viottival .



Pianino Teacher

Kálmán Cséki

Studied in the Béla Bartók Jazz Conservatory.
Won the first price in hungarian talent show.

Played twelve years with Roby Lakatos as pianist
and composer and made several albums with
Deutsche Grammophon and other publishers.
He also played with some famous orchestra :
London Symphony Orchestra, Berlin Philharmonic
Orchestra. Played with famous musicians like
Vadim Repin, Ida Haendel, Stéphane Grappelli, Randy
Brecker, Tony Lakatos.
Performed at the Carnegie Hall and received German Echo-
Classic Award ( 1999 ) and got Gold Disc in Hong Kong.

He worked as a teacher :

Universidad Veracruzana – Xalapa – Mexico
( as teacher of composition, counterpoint and Big-Band )

Roby Lakatos Group ( as pianist, arranger )

Conservatory of Music – Casabalanca – Marocco
( as teacher of piano and music theory )

Rajkó-Talentum – Budapest – Hungary
( as teacher of piano )


Trio of values

A talent in music

A talent in music



Professional mentoring

Professional mentoring




For this reason the Roby Lakatos foundation defines all partners, sponsors and investors as those who appreciate values in people, and recognize the wonder of artistic skills. Those who beyond the aforementioned acknowledge the results that can be attained together for the good of the individual and that of society.

Talented youngsters, those patrons who wish to help them in addition to professional mentors, experience music similarly and form a unique trio which works exactly like an instrumental trio: they are each of importance, and can only together form a “production”.

It is indeed a mission to give youngster such assistance, which in addition to concrete primary objectives is of considerable moral significance.

“He who begins life with music will bring joy to all later activities. The value gained from this will help overcome problems in life. Music is a re-energizing, consoling elixir, a beauty of life, and that which is of value is multiplied through it.” (Kodály Zoltán)




+36 30 383 6784


Monday – Saturday – 8:00 – 18:00

Sunday – Closed


1132 Budapest

Váci út 46/b.